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NUPro Healthcare Reform enables professionals to stay informed of all the developments and consequences connected with the numerous statutes, decisions, rules, regulations, and requirements arising from the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Constantly updated, it serves as a single source that professionals from every discipline can rely on not only for up-to-date reporting of developments, but also for expert analysis of how those developments will affect the advice they give their clients.

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NUPro Healthcare Reform provides users with instant access to:

  • Expert analysis, with questions and answers from National Underwriter's Healthcare Reform Facts, the gold standard healthcare reform solution.
  • Editorial content/news, with exclusive articles from National Underwriter's authors and editors, articles distilled from mainstream news sources, and time-saving synopses.
  • Case Law and Statutes
  • Administrative Materials and Forms
  • An Interactive "Ask the Experts" Question and Answer Feature

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